Horton-Colwell Opera House

2015 performances to be announced.

Horton-Colwell Building

Moved from Fenton, the building includes a second-floor opera house, and a U.S. Post Office on the first floor. The "FLT" in the brickwork is a symbol for the Oddfellows International fraternal organization.

Built in 1869 by Dexter Horton and David Colwell at the corner of Leroy and Caroline Streets in Fenton.  It housed many businesses, including a post office from 1869-1883.  The opera house was used by churches, schools and fraternal organizations.  The "FLT" seen in the brickwork is an Oddfellows symbol.  Admission was 25 cents for adults and 15 cents for children.  General Tom Thumb of Barnum fame appeared there before 1879.

The building was last used in 1975 as a dime store.  It was torn down and rebuilt smaller at Crossroads for the 1978 season.  The opera house was completed in 1980.  Some of the original bricks, ceiling beams, and window casements were used in the rebuilding.

The General Store served as middle man between factory and farmer.  Produce, as well as cash payments were often accepted for manufactured goods which came in on the weekly train.