About Your Genesee County Parks


Busy as life can be, sometimes you just need to get away, right away.  Welcome to Genesee County Parks, Michigan’s largest county park system.  With more than 11,000 acres of woods, rivers, lakes, trails, beaches and campgrounds, getting away in the great outdoors is as close as one of the 21 Genesee County Parks.  When your routine starts to feel a little too routine, slip away to Mid-Michigan’s favorite outdoor playground.  It’s just around the corner.  At your Genesee County Parks.

Our Mission

The Genesee County Parks and Recreation Commission is dedicated to providing all the residents of Genesee County with affordable, quality, recreational, and educational facilities.  If you have any questions or comments, click here.

Genesee County Parks and Recreation Commission Five Year Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Plan 2014-2018
Appendix A & B 5-year Plan
Appendix C-1 5-year Plan
Appendix C-2 Role of Genesee County
Appendix C-3 Mounds 5-year Plan
Appendix C-4 5-year Plan
Appendix D-F

Genesee County Assessment & Ideas


Mr. Joe Krapohl (Citizen Rep.)
Appointed: 01/08/02
Term Expires: 01/01/17

Mr. James Washington (Citizen Rep.)
Appointed: 12/17/02
Term Expires: 01/01/15

Mr. William C. Lucas (Citizen Rep.)
Appointed: 01/16/96
Current Term Expires: 01/01/17

Mr. Joe Madore (Citizen Rep)
Appointed: 12/11/13
Current Term Expires: 01/01/15

Mr. Mike Keeler (Citizen Rep.)
Appointed: 01/15/08
Current Term Expires: 01/01/16

Mr. Mike Lynch (County Commr)
Current Term Expires: 01/01/18

Mr. Bryant Nolden (County Commr)
Appointed: 01/21/15
Current Term Expires: 01/01/18

Mr. Jeff Wright (Ex-Officio)
Drain Commissioner

Mr. Cloyce Dickerson (Ex-Officio)
Road Commission Designee

Ms. Gloria Nealy (Ex-Officio)
Planning Commission Designee


Commission Minutes

Genesee County Parks & Recreation Commission Meeting Minutes.

You'll need the free Adobe Acrobat viewer. If you don't have it you can download it here.


2014 Parks Commission Meeting Schedule

May 8th Parks Commission Meeting is being held at For-Mar Nature Preserve and Arboretum
2142 N Genesee Road, Burton MI  48509

January 9 Agenda
January 9 Minutes
January 23 Agenda
January 23 Minutes

February 13 Agenda
February 13 Minutes
February 27 Agenda
February 27 Minutes
March 13 Agenda
March 13 Minutes
March 27 Agenda
March 27 Minutes
April 10 Agenda
April 10 Minutes
April 24 Agenda
April 24 Minutes
May 8 Agenda
May 8 Minutes
May 22 Agenda
May 22 Minutes
June 12 Agenda
June 12 Minutes
June 26 Agenda
June 26 Minutes
July 10 Agenda
July 10 Minutes
July 24 Agenda
July 24 Minutes
August 14 Agenda
August 14 Minutes
August 28 Agenda
August 28 Minutes
September 11 Agenda
September 11 Minutes
Ranger Complaint attachment
September 25 Agenda
September 25 Minutes
October 9 Agenda
October 9 Minutes
October 23 Agenda
October 23  Minutes
November 13 Agenda
November 13 Minutes
December 11 Agenda
December 11 Minutes


2015 Parks Commission Meeting Schedule

A 1-8-15
M 1-8-15
A 1-22-15
M 1-22-15
A 2-26-15
M 2-26-15
A 3-13-15
M 3-13-15
A 3-26-15
M 3-26-15
A 4-9-15
M 4-9-15
A 4-23-15
M 4-23-15
A 5-14-15
M 5-14-15
A 5-28-15
M 5-28-15
A 6-11-15
M 6-11-15
A 6-25-15
M 6-25-15
A 7-9-15
M 7-9-15
A 7-23-15
M 7-23-15
A 8-13-15
A 8-27-15
M 8-27-15
A 9-10-15
M 9-10-15
A 9-24-15
M 9-24-15
A 10-8-15
M 10-8-15
A 10-22-15
M 10-22-15
A 11-12-15