Need a break from the rush of daily life? Go back to a time when things were a whole lot simpler. Welcome to Crossroads Village. It's an authentic Great Lakes town from the turn of the last century, with over 34 historic structures and a thriving community to welcome you. Ride the Huckleberry Railroad, catch a show at the Colwell Opera House or learn a trade from one of our craftspeople. Its a place out of history where you can make a little history of your own. And its just around the corner. At your Genesee County Parks.


Event Highlights

The Smith's & Millers
July 26 & 27 - Meet the smiths and millers and other tradespeople at Crossroads Village! Watch our skilled volunteers hammer out horseshoes on a traditional forge, grind grains at the Atlas water-powered gristmill and cut logs with a steam-powered sawmill. Theyre doing these essential tasks exactly the same and on original equipment as they were done in Genesee County 100 years ago.
Railfans Weekend
August 2 & 3 - This weekend is dedicated to trains and train lovers! Celebrate our famous Huckleberry Railroad with shop tours, demonstrations, model trains and a special photo run. The Train Store is waiting for you with shelves and bins chocked full of great train merchandise, and you can help welcome back our beautifully renovated caboose!
Literary Day
August 9 - To encourage summer reading, we use this day to bring a 19th century book to life. The theme this year is science, and the book is Frankenstein! Spend the day with our mad scientists, doctors and more! Dress as your favorite character from the story of Frankenstein, and present your library card to get one free Village admission.