Busy as life can be, sometimes you just need to get away, right away. Welcome to the Genesee County Parks, Michigan's largest county park system. With more than 11,000 acres of woods, rivers, lakes, trails, beaches and campgrounds, getting away in the great outdoors is as close as one of the 21 Genesee Parks. When your routine starts to feel a little too routine, slip away to Mid-Michigan's favorite outdoor playground. It's just around the corner. At your Genesee County Parks.


Event Highlights

Adult Mystery Weekend
Adult mystery lovers, we’ve created a special day just for you. Follow the clues, uncover the secrets, and find out what’s afoot! Brush up on your CSI skills and come help solve the mystery at Crossroads Village.
Junk Box Wars, 3rd Annual Battle of the Boats
Whatever floats your boat! Family teams will be given a box of stuff and 45 minutes to create a boat! Compete to see which boat floats the farthest.