Busy as life can be, sometimes you just need to get away, right away. Welcome to the Genesee County Parks, Michigan's largest county park system. With more than 11,000 acres of woods, rivers, lakes, trails, beaches and campgrounds, getting away in the great outdoors is as close as one of the 21 Genesee Parks. When your routine starts to feel a little too routine, slip away to Mid-Michigan's favorite outdoor playground. It's just around the corner. At your Genesee County Parks.


Event Highlights

Firefly Hike
Come light up with firefly knowledge. We will learn about fireflies, building firefly holders, and take a night hike to catch & view fireflies. For families, all ages and abilities. Cost: $3 per person. Pre-registration required by 7/31/14. To pre-register for a program call 810.736.7100, ext. 6 or click here.
Smartphone Naturalist
August 7, 7-8 pm - Though technology and nature seem to be opposing forces, in this informative program, a For-Mar naturalist will show you how to marry the two in such a way that can help create valuable connections between yourself and the natural world. Bring your smartphone for an introduction to Project Noah and other smartphone field guide apps. Smartphone possession is not required however, is highly recommended for full participation in this program. For families; recommended for ages 6 and older, all abilities. Cost: FREE! Pre-registration not required.
Wilderness Survival Skills Day
August 9, 10am-3pm - Join well known expert survival skills teacher Jim Miller as he teaches important skills to survive in the wilderness.Discover trees and plants that hide their fire within! Then participate in fire with friction using the bow drill and hand spindle to create you own fire. Take a walk with your instructor to identify plants for your bow and drill. Learn the woods best suited for the fireboard. Dress to be outdoors, closed-toe shoes and pants required. Bring sack lunch. For ages 10 and older. Ages 10-14 must be accompanied by an adult who is also taking the class. Cost is $35 per person. Pre-registration is required by 8/4/2014